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Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, Bronx, NY

Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, Bronx, NY


MTA Bridges & Tunnels



Bronx/Queens, NY


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Position Held:

Resident Engineer

Project Description

Resident Engineer on this suspended bridge project for the MTA B&T that involved upgrade of the main cables’ necklace lighting and acoustic monitoring system. This project included the installation of new energy-efficient LED light fixtures, electrical panels, conduits and wires and installation of new acoustic monitoring sensors along the main cables.

Key Features

  1. Replaced 100-watt mercury vapor lights with 35-watt LED lights, which have 2.5 times longer life span and consume 3.6 times less power

  2. Installed acoustic sensors to monitor main cable breakages

  3. Upgraded SCADA system

  4. Bridge deck MPT set up coordination

  5. Site Safety

Note: Claimed as personal experience that was gained while working at Ammann & Whitney as a Resident Engineer.

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